Tuesday, April 7, 2009

High-end Trainers

I preface this post by saying that this really is not a fashion blog or anything....

but with that said, I can't ignore the trend I'm noticing

I decided to write this after I got the idea from my boy Bobby over at Fame's Allure

His boy Henny posted some pics of some very expensive, but very nice trainers

Which got me thinking about the trend of sophisticated sneakers

Is this the way all non-athletic sneakers will go?

Is it just a passing fad? 

Or has it always been around, but just for one corner of the market??


  1. theyve always been around I believe..

    Im quite a fan of the vuittons :)

  2. this seems like it might be a passing trend, it has always been around like many other things but i believe it will fade from the limelight, like other mainstream trends and be reduced to a thing of the past. an example can be considered dunks, flannel shirts, and ray bans lol (D.O.A to hipsters) lololol