Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chester French X Pharrell X JD X Clinton Sparks

Letting yall know kinda late

Chester French mixtape presented by Clinton Sparks

the only song I've heard on it is "Life in LA" featuring Pharrell and Jermaine Dupri

The beat is ridonkulous

not sure if Pharrell or Sparks made it, but I'm guessing Pharrell

Did they really need JD on it tho????

What do yall think of Chester French?

p.s. Asher Roth dropping tomorrow, who's coppin?


  1. Got the whole mixtape it's the ish.

    and Asher Roth already copped that!

  2. yea this is dumb late, but the mixtape it d0pe a lot of people are sleeping on it glad to see your not :)

  3. the whole thing is effin bomb. especially "no parents allowed"